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VacSy® is a worldwide-patented food vacuum system for the best preservation of food.
It is technologically designed to enable the creation of a vacuum inside containers and special bags made of rolls.
VacSy®’s basic elements are the pump as well as the various containers. A patented vacuum pump draws out the air from receptacles.
A technologically enhanced valve on the cover of the container enables the air drainage and preservation of the vacuum inside the container and bags, with a special sealing unit.

But most important, behind this product there is an extensive use of Research and Development by the Zepter Companies of the world. To provide you with these high quality patented and innovative products, the best break through technology has been used. This is reflected in the unique material and quality of this worldwide patented food vacuum system and its containers. By producing these products with the highest-quality materials, Zepter is able to offer its consumer the best tools for the highest quality standard!

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